Sanghvi Organics Pvt. Ltd.

In 2002, the Sanghvi family decided to diversify and launch Sanghvi Organics Pvt. Ltd. (SOPL) as a backward integration to their earlier company in Tarapur- M/s Premier Intermediaries Pvt. Ltd that was into manufacturing Phenyl Acetic Acid used for Penicillin G.

In June, 2008 Poona Fine Chem Pvt. Ltd. (PFC) decided to participate with 50% of the equity in SOPL with a view to expand their business. PFC has manufacturing units in Vashi and is a part of Sovika Group of Companies that has 25 years of experience in the Chemical Distribution Business and has represented Gujarat alkalies & Chemicals Ltd., Nirma Ltd. & GSFC Ltd. The introduction of PFC into the Group was a well planned move in order to take advantage of the expertise and reputation that the PFC Group can bring in for this budding company.

SOPL has a plant that manufactures Chlorotoluene and its derivatives in Panoli from the Bharuch district. The plant location is ideal, as it has been notified by the Gujarat government for chemical industries and has all the necessary permissions from GPCB for its manufacturing facilities. SOPL has associated itself with esteemed suppliers like Indian Oil Corporation and Reliance Industries for procurement of raw materials. SOPL has experienced and trained workers operating this plant, some of whom have been associated with Sovika Group for the past two decades.

The last two to three years have seen SOPL reach their optimum practical capacity as far as the production of Chlorotoluene products is concerned. The quality of all our products has been very well accepted by our clients. Our consistent aim has been to adopt the latest and the most advanced technology at every stage of production and our dedicated team of technocrats like Mr. D. U. Umalkar and other stalwarts from IIT and UDCT has always been there for our assistance.

List of Products, their uses and potential customers:

List of Products, their uses and potential customers:

  • Benzyl Chloride
    • Used as an intermediate chemical in the preparation of dyes, perfumes, peroxides, pharmaceuticals, and resins
  • Di-Phenyl Methane
    • Used to manufacture Di Phenyl Hydramide drug
  • Benzyl Alcohol
    • General Solvent for inks, paints, epoxy resin coatings
    • Precursor to a variety of Esters, used in soap, perfume, and flavour industries
  • Benzaldehyde
    • Commonly employed as a commercial food flavourant, industrial solvent
    • Synthesis of other organic compounds, ranging from pharmaceuticals to plastic additives
    • Important intermediate for the processing of perfume and flavoring compounds
  • Benzoyl Chloride
    • Used as an intermediate chemical in the preparation of dyes, perfumes, peroxides, pharmaceuticals, and resins.
  • Actyl Chloride
    • Reagent for acetylation in the synthesis or derivation of a chemical compound
    • Widely used in manufacturing of Ibuprofen drug

All the above chemical products are exported and have a great export potential in several countries in Asia, Europe, America and China.

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